Quality toolkit for teams

Quality improvement tools for teams

The project partners developed a toolkit for teams in VET-education that helps them to achieve a better structured and more effective team year plan and to work on their quality culture. The tools are split in three themes to give you the possibility to find the necessary tools more easily. In the roadmap (tool 8) you can also see which tools can be used in specific parts of the process of developing a year plan.

Theme A is about quality culture and provides material to improve your quality culture as a team. You can find following tools in this theme:
1. Questionnaire
2. Team work cafe
3. The lighthouse
4. The five elements
5. Feedback in teams
6. Self-assessment
7. Peer to peer feedback

Theme B includes six tools supporting the development of an effective team plan, it starts with an overview of the process called Road map (8). Under this theme you can find the following tools:
8. Roadmap to effective team planning
9. Vision/Mission development for teams
10. Data gathering
11. Preventing risks
12. Establishing team priorities

Theme C offers you a set of different year plan models. Under this theme you can find the following tools:
13. Team plan - model
14. Short term improvement plan
15. Year plan

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Theme A: Quality Culture

Theme B: Tools for an effective team year-plan

Theme C: Different year-plan models for teams

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