National Quality Research Reports


Reports: You can open the reports from the Spanish, German, Dutch, UK, Italian and Greek partners by clicking on the country abbreviation. All reports are published in English.

Aim: To execute national quality research in the partner countries, as input for the quality toolkit and the quality guide, and as input for the International Report on current Needs Analyses in Quality Assurance.

Target group: Teachers, trainers, quality staff and mentors in Vocational and Adult Education andTraining.

Content: Institution inventory of the current quality approaches, inventory of initiatives to use European quality tools, such as the Quality implementation circles, EQAVET, ECVET, EQARF, recommendations for integration of the toolkit products in the institutes' programmes. Teachers and quality staff at the partner institutions answer questions, such as: what do you like best and least about quality assurance? What have you learned, changed? What do you require within the existing system to improve quality, working environment and facilitate your teaching?

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