International Research report


This report is available only in English, but outcomes from Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish and the English partner research are used.


The aim was to get an insight into the different quality approaches of the partner countries and institutions. In order to improve the quality of education we intend to:

  • develop a quality improvement culture in line with the recommendations of teachers and trainers in VET
  • learn from partners’ proven quality culture instruments and adapt them for other consortium organisations
  • connect management and teachers through a management brochure
  • provide an approach, with supporting products that can be used by VET providers across the EU to improve learners’ outcomes.

Target group: Teachers and trainers, Quality staff, Management of schools, Workfield mentors.


The report delivered information on the development of the toolkit products. These products could be based on the needs and best practices that the teachers or quality staff described in the case studies. You can find them under the buttons Quality Toolkit and Quality Guide.

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International Research Report

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