Worksession in NL about team plan


Zwolle (NL), 1 November 2016 - About 50 team representatives and directors from Landstede frequented the Quality meeting at the mainbuiliding at Rechterland 1.

Alle were informed about the State fo the Art of the organisation were quality topics are involved. This was done by Margrieta Kroese, Director of Quality and Project coordinator of QUAL4T1 and 2.

But there was also a worksession around four questions in behalf of the teams: What are you proud off?

What are the riscs that you identify?

What do you need to develop an effective team year plan?

Which wishes do you have for a model team plan?

Answers of all the Landstede locations will be used as a Dutch starting point in project meeting one in Zwolle.

May we have your detail please?

Your information is only used to gain insight into the scope of this project.