Training Course Further Quality Improvement in European VET


Rome (IT) 21-25th of January 2019, the training course of Qual4T2 project was organized in Rome, Italy, with the participation of delegations VET teachers – members of VET teams from Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Greece and Denmark.
The training course’s agenda involved group activities related to the benefits of working on Quality Culture, teacher’s team and their role in quality as well as the presentation of significant tools, proven to be useful for the implementation and dissemination of the project.
In the beginning of the course, participants selected their peers and created teams that continued to work together throughout the training. The benefits of working on quality culture was the first common idea that everybody agreed on and then, when testing the tools available (No2.Team Work café, No3.Lighthouse, No1.Questionnaire and SWOT analysis) the participants commented on their use. Team planning was on the 2nd day’s agenda, when tool No8. A roadmap to an effective team planning, was evaluated and all participants stated their point of view.
During the next days, the participants set up their Vision/Mission and defined SMART objectives, Action Points and Indicators. After that, they focused on Risk Assessment and Prevention of Risk; additionally, they established priorities. Planning and feedback seem to be the main focus of the last 2 days of the training, so participants discussed about Year Plans, Feedback methods related to peer groups and feedback coming from students.
By the end of the training course participants appeared to be even more motivated to work on Qual4T2 project. Everyone agreed on the high impact of the course and its international profile, especially on ‘Spreading the Word’, since common understanding, sharing internally and then putting the ideas exchanged in a national and international basis pointed out different, yet interesting perspectives.
Ownership was the key word in this project since Quality is an attitude and reflects the way people work.

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