Publication of QUAL4T2 Story Book


Zwolle (NL) January 2019 - The QUAL4T2 Story book is the most recent prodution of the QUAL4T2 project. Is is a good practice guide, built up as a story book. In this book, readers travel through five Vocational Education and Training organisations in five European countries (Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Denmark and Greece).

This easy reading book tells the stories gained from different teacher teams in diffecrent cultures and different settings. Learn about the frustrations when something did not go as well as expected… Share the euphoria when a success was reached…
It is the feedback from these teacher teams combined with our facilitators’ meetings that resulted in this collection of good practices, tips and surprises. It also shows the impact of the project for the participating organisations! Teachers’ testimonials can be found in the book too. The next testimonial comes from the cover: ‘We celebrate every goal that we reach, and write it on a flag, so that we see it every day. And this garland in our office makes us happy and keeps us going while it is getting longer and more colourful every month…’ (anonymous team member, June 2018).
Every chapter is ending with ‘Successes and opportunities’and ‘Pitfalls and difficulties’.
Enjoy these precious stories in which European teams really move forward to further excellence in Vocational Education and Training!

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