NCP EQAVET again associated partner!


NCP EQAVET again associated partner!

Zwolle (NL), November 2016 - The partnership of QUAL4T2 is very proud to annouce the NCP EQAVET as associated partner in the new project!

We welcome Marloes van Bussel as contact person in our partnership. Marloes and Alie Kamphuis have both been working with Landstede on qualitiy issues before. The partners will use the opportunity to ask Marloes advise on topics to be discussed and products to be designed.

The National Coordination Point EQAVET is in the Netherlands the central point for the European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training. The link between European policy developments, national policy and the national practice. An important task for us is to bring together, to inform and to activate the different stakeholders and actors.

If you are interested and want to know more about de work of the NCP EQAVET you can contact: Alie Kamphuis or Marloes van Bussel,

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