QUAL4T2 presents the final Quality guide for teams and Quality toolkit for teams


February 2019 - The QUAL4T2 project team is proud to present the tried, tested and updated Quality Guide and Quality toolkit. After an extensive 12-month pilot testing of the Guide and Tools in various teams in partner and associated VET colleges in Denmark, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands and Spain, the project-team has integrated the experiences and feedback of team users, and can now offer a solid framework and more polished set of tools for teacher and other teams to work together on bottom up quality awareness, strategic planning and prioritizing.

The updated Quality Guoffers: a brief introduction to quality culture including well known cyclical tools such as the PDCA cycle and EQAVET, an explanation of the potential of team working for the improvement of quality systems as opposed to individual quality efforts, a SWOT analysis on strategic planning and considerations on the usefulness of a team plan for the success of any organization.
The Quality Toolkit includes three updated sections which include activities to encourage teachers to become more involved in grass roots, collaborative team planning and to have the confidence to build, develop and implement annual year plans together.

The QUAL4T2 bottom up approach to Quality in teacher teams allows teachers to become active in the behaviors which expand quality in VET education in a very practical way. A series of 17 clearly explained team tools are presented in 3 sections

  • Quality Culture
  • Team Planning Tools
  • Models for a Team Plan

All tools are purposely adaptable so that organizations and teams can make them workable for their own needs. Pilot experiences showed that the QUAL4T2 Toolkit and baseline approach supports organizational teams in creating a team plan; the number of individuals contributing to this more than doubles. Personal involvement in implementation and a people oriented focus also becomes integrated as the quality awareness is based on the team´s own values and intentions.

The Quality Guide and Toolkit for teachers is now available for free downloading on the project website (http://www.qual4t-project.org/) in English, Danish, Dutch, German, Greek, Italian and Spanish along with the full QUAL4T2 pilot report and Q-Story book relating in depth best practice examples from partner pilot experiences. Please download the Guide and Tools and get in touch with any of the project partners (details available on the website/below) for more information or to add your feedback.
We trust the tools will support you and your team colleagues to work together more confidently and successfully in designing and prioritizing your goals and actions, and to achieve those goals. We wish you and your team every success!

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