International Multiplier event in Italy


Florence (IT), March 2019 - The transnational multiplier event, foreseen during project-life, was included as a specific workshop within the International Conference “New Perspectives in Science Education” organized by PIXEL on March 21 and 22, in Florence Italy.
The New Perspectives in Science Education Conference was an excellent opportunity for the presentation of our project: it has been the right place where to promote transnational cooperation and share QUAL4T2 stories towards education professionals.

Margrieta Kroese (project coordinator ‐ NL), Anabel Menica (project partner - ES), and Francesca Di Paolantonio (project partner ‐ IT) facilitated the workshop and the “warming-up” poster session that arose the interest of the participants at the Conference.
The facilitators had organized an active workshop where the participants got to know about the project and its intellectual outputs but also debated and shared ideas on possible exploitation of QUAL4T2 products within their own organization and further aside.

Eighteen (18) persons from twelve (12) countries attended the workshop and the poster session: they were all professionals in education being trainers, teachers, members of EU networks and quality operators.
Margrieta Kroese welcomed the participants and presented the QUAL4T2 project: its aims, the partners, the successes and the pitfalls from the piloting and the intellectual outputs. A first face-to-face activity involved the participants in discussing about their experiences in the use of a year plan.
Francesca Di Paolantonio introduced the three themes of the toolkit with a particular attention on those tools in theme A. She asked the participants their ideas and suggestions on how to best influence the quality culture in a team: develop a team identity, building a team atmosphere, drive teachers to give and receive feedback were some of the answers.
Anabel Menica explained the tools in Theme B and C and showed to the audience the roadmap as example of the tools there included. She invited the participants to the open space activity and explained the rules of such activity, of which the main was “Not to seat down, be active!”

Participants wrote their contributions in big white posters and asked the facilitators for further activities/events to hold even in their own organization.
All the participants were invited to joined the facilitators in working lunch tables to continue the interesting discussions and share ideas of further exploitation.
The event was successful and many participants showed real interest in exploiting QUAL4T2 material in their own organizations, as proved by the answers to the feedback form and, above all, by the active participation of all people present, each of whom has contributed to the effective implementation of the workshop.

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