Rotterdam, October 2019 - The annual conference of the MBO Quality Network took place on Thursday 3 October. Teachers, training managers, administrators and students collaborated together on board the SS Rotterdam and in water taxis on the Maas.

The article "Quality in Color", published last summer, stated that the vocational education operates in a very dynamic environment. Partly for this reason the schools continue to work on quality improvement.

Van Mulkom points out that networking to work on quality at the level of the program teams is valuable. "Together we can further improve the quality of vocational education in the coming years."

There was an opportunity on this rainy day to help colleagues get started with quality in education, based on research and practical experience during two workshop moments. One of the workshop leaders was Joanne de Haan, teacher and quality staff member in Harderwijk: “I had the special opportunity to lead a workshop on a boat with the topic 'Together - What are the preconditions for getting and retaining a quality culture?”.
After the plenary session of the workshop, productive conversations were held , in which the participants discussed themes such as their need for change, their inspiration, the difficulties and what they would use tomorrow to anchor the system of quality in their organization."
Each workshop participant was given the teachers’ book of the QUAL4T2 project on behalf of Landstede as a reminder and for motivation, in which the theme of quality culture is discussed in detail. This gesture was greatly appreciated by the approximately 50 participants from various MBO organizations!
Joanne de Haan concludes with: "We were in the same boat that day, which was a nice metaphor for how you can set course by using a suitable system and the right tools, with the ultimate goal of improving education for the students."

In the meantime, the next publication of the Quality Network, developed in collaboration with EQAVET, has also been presented. A Landstede employee - Margrieta Kroese - was also actively involved in this.

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