International Pilot Report

Rome (IT), October 2018 - The partners of the project reported the experience of piloting the Quality Guide and the Quality Toolkit in the International Pilot Report.

It contains: a management summation for the managers of any organization to have an overview of the opportunities and benefits out of piloting the products of QUAL4T2 project; a description of the activities previewed for piloting and detailed reports, in five national chapters, on the application, on the methods used, on the difficulties met, on the adaptations of and the feedback from the direct use of the selected tools in each country; an overview of the outcomes of the piloting from both a quantitative and qualitative viewpoints; what has been learned during the piloting and the necessary suggestions to review the guide and the tools in order to make them available to a wider audience at EU level.

Here there are some data: 13 teachers/trainers teams piloted the products and learn to design an annual team operational plan; over 285 the teachers/trainers from the partners’ organizations were directly engaged in pilot activities; 456 professionals took part in at least one project activity; some of the tools have been already included within partners’ own QMS.
For instance: in the Netherlands the tools have been integrated in the Quality system of Landstede/ Menso Alting, the materials will be used by teachers in the schools in the provinces of Overijssel, Gelderland and Flevoland (Kroese, 2018); in Spain the Quality Guide for Teams has been offered to the community of 23 VET centres in the HETEL association (Menica, 2018); in Italy the tools n°4 and n° 5 have been integrated within QMS of CIOFS-FP (Di Paolantonio, 2018); in Denmark the collaboration with the heads of departments have boosted the tools’ spreading and the collaboration amongst teams (Dyrloev,2018) and in Greece IDEC used the Qual4T2 tools in own training courses (Kazantzidou,2018)

The final versions of the project products will be made available on the project website in all partners’ languages, in English and in German, at the beginning of the next school year.
The website also contains information on the project, data about the project partners, details about the other project products, news items, testimonials and items related to the valorization of the project.

The international pilot report highlights ideas and reccomendations on how to improve the piloted products which will be revised by the partners in a final version for a wider use and exploitation within a larger numbers of organizations in the near future and beyond.

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