September 2019 - Want to improve your quality in (VET) education, examination and (student) guidance? Have a look at

With help of the Erasmus+ programme, 6 European VET organisations are running the QMS4VET project. By studying and analyzing each VET partners Quality Management System (QMS) with regards to either education, examination or (student) guidance we share best practices of all partners QMS. Outcomes of these analysis result in ‘Step by step implementation’ advises on a very practical level which can be uses by all interested parties in order to improve their quality level. Next to that, common understanding of each others QMS will enhance trust and will improve sustainable partnerships for development of joint ECVET units in the future.

The first three (out of six) Project week reports (chapters of the Quality management toolkit) are now available and (free of charge) downloadable from our ‘project website’

The progress and outcomes of the QMS4VET project can also be followed via

If you want any further information. Please contact Durk van Wieren (

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