Article in Dutch e-magazine as kick off


Zwolle (NL), 1 November 2016 - The QUAL4T2 project coordinated by Landstede had a nice kick-off with the publication of an article in the Dutch e-magazine Zin Mag.

This is the link to the article:

The article has been used by Margrieta Kroese to warm up the organization for the kick off of the second QUAL4T project: QUAL4T2. Starting date is 11 November 2016. The first project focussed completely at the TEACHER / TRAINER. This new QUAL4T2 project focusses on the teacher or trainer TEAM.

The Italian, Spanish, Greek and Danish partners meet at Landstede just before the X-mas holidays, to have the kick-off meeting. NRP EQAVET (represented by Marloes van Bussel) is associated partner in this project.

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