Valorization – an overview and successes

National dissemination plans have been elaborated by all partners and their progress have been monitored every semester.

A database of 362 potential stakeholders in all partner countries has been updated and used for the promotion of the project. Newsletters has been circulated, one more are to be expected during the 2,5 years of the project. Newsitems are published on a regular bases and can be found in the news section of the website.

The QUAL4T2 project can also be followed on facebook! This is the link: The facebook page has been actively promoted by the partners and it has already gained 129 likes and 126 follwers.

The European network EfVET provides information about QUAL4T2 project on their website, including a direct link to the projectwebsite. This network will be further used for exploitation of the Quality Guide for teams, including the instruments and best practices found.

In the first project phase - November 2016 till May 2018 - partners further focussed on dissemination in their own organization, local level and when possible national level. But now partners aim to exploit the products and method of working. Now that the final products are ready implementation in the own organisation, and where possible even in other schools and organisations are taking place.

Two short flyers, providing basic information of the project and with focus on the project results, have been designed. The flyers can be found on the website and are also distributed to stakeholders during events and meetings with target groups.


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