Quality toolkit for teams - Pilot version*

Quality improvement tools for teams

The project partners developped a toolkit for teams in VET-education that help them to achieve a better structured and more effective team year plan. The tools are split in three themes to give you the possibility to find the necessary tools more easily.

Theme A is about quality culture and provides material to improve your quality culture as a team. You can find following tools in this theme: 1 Questionnaire, 2 Dream Session, 3 The Lighthouse, 4 Five elements that form a good teaching teamwork, 5 Feedback in teams, 6 Self-assessment', 7 Feedback colleagues.

Theme B includes 6 tools that help you to develop an effective teamplan, and starts with an overview, called road map (8). You can find following tools in this theme: 8 Road map to effective team planning, 9 Vision/mission development for teams, 10 Data Gathering, 11 Risk based thinking, 12 Setting priorities as a team, 13 Realistic planning.

Theme C offers you a set of different yearplan models. You can find following tools in this theme: 14 The model team year plan, 15 Short term team plan for improvement of quality risks, 16 Teaching team year plan, 17 Year plan in Excel.

*There can be spelling or other mistakes in the tools. These will be corrected in the final versions.

Download toolkit

Download a theme by selecting your language.

Theme A: Quality Culture - Pilot Version

Theme B: Tools for an effective team year plan - Pilot Version

Theme C: Different team year plan models - Pilot Version

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