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November 2, 2016

Article in Dutch e-magazine as kick off

Zwolle (NL), 1 November 2016 - The QUAL4T2 project coordinated by Landstede had a nice kick-off with the publication of an article in the Dutch e-magazine Zin Mag. This is the link to the article:

November 1, 2016

Worksession in NL about team plan

Zwolle (NL), 1 November 2016 - About 50 team representatives and directors from Landstede frequented the Quality meeting at the mainbuiliding at Rechterland 1. Alle were informed about the State fo the Art of the organisation were quality topics are involved. This was done by Margrieta Kroese, Director of Quality and Project coordinator of QUAL4T1 and 2.

November 1, 2016

QUAL4T2 present at EFVET 2016

Valencia (ES), 26-29 October 2016 - In the last week of October , as is the tradition, the EfVET conference took place. This year it was organized in Valencia, at the east coast of Spain. More than 200 participants were involved, taking activitely part in discussions, work groups, round tables, poster sessions, and more. Target group for this conference is VET education, this is thus the best conference to attend when you are VET teacher or manager or involved as policy maker and interested in VET activities.

October 8, 2016

QUAL4T2 present at TCA

Lisbon (PT), October 2016 - The QUAL4T projects were disseminated at the European Conference and Contact Seminar Promoting Adult Education under the Erasmus+ Program. The conference aimed to facilitate new work groups that may result in new project applications for the Adult Education. This initiative has to do with one of the main aims of the Erasmus, 2020 which is to get at east 15% of adults aged 24-64 involved in learning activities. There is a lack of basic skills, which is associated with lower levels of trust, volunteering or self reported health status. The coordinator of the QUAL4T2 project - Margrieta Kroese - was involved in the two rounds workgroup: ' Ensure transparent recognition of skills and qualifications acquired through non-formal and informal, digital and open learning'. Back in the Netherlands, all usefull information has been shared with the director of Adult Education of Landstede and in the report for the Dutch NA that is published online:

September 26, 2016

TCA Culture of Quality

Zandvoort, NL - 21-23 September 2016: QUAL4T has been invited to an international seminar. The TCA Seminar Culture of Quality in Vocational Education and Training took place in Zandvoort and was organized by the Dutch Erasmus+ NA.


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