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February 5, 2018

The pilot phase

Rome (IT), 5 February 2018 - The Transnational partners meeting held in Piraeus gave the partners the chance to share their own experiences of piloting the Q-guide and Q-tools at “home” and learn from each other activities.

February 1, 2018

Project update

Zwolle (NL), 1 February 2018 - The QUAL4T2 project is well on track, in this second year. Four transnational work meetings took place, the first multiplier events, pilot versions of the products have been developed and can be found on the project website under QUAL4T2 > products.

January 19, 2018

Fourth project meeting in Piraeus 17-19 January 2018

Piraeus (EL), 17-19 January 2018 - The fourth transnational meeting of the project QUAL4T2 was held in Piraeus, during 17-19 of January 2018.

December 7, 2017

Workshop at Erasmus+ Festival

Amersfoort (NL), 7 December 2017 – The QUAL4T2 project came in action at the festival to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus+ program. The Dutch Erasmus + national agency organized this festival that took place last Thursday. QUAL4T2 coordinator Margrieta Kroese facilitated a workshop entitled:’ QUAL4T2 - We already have a team plan! So what?’ The workshop was visited by 20+ participants from Dutch education.

November 17, 2017

The first Multiplier Event of the QUAL4T2 in Sevilla

Sevilla (ES), 17 november 2017 - The first Multiplier Event of the QUAL4T2 project took place in Sevilla last week. 26 Participants from 20 different countries were informed about the project outcomes so far. This has been done by three facilitators: Anabel Menica (ES), Margrieta Kroese (NL) and Nathalie Peters (NL). The pilot versions of both the Quality guide for teams as the Toolkit for teams were used for this workshop. Two articles have been published based on the QUAL4T2 research report and the current state of the pilots. Materials used and given to the participants were: News letter 2, quality guide in pilot version, quality tools in pilot version, the research report, two articles, the project flyer, the project product flyer, project posters and three project presentations. Anabel Menica presented the QUAL4T2 project by introducing the aims, the partners, the pilot products and the pilots that now take place in the different countries. She then showed the participants the video with the teachers’ testimonials and the project website. Margrieta Kroese started with four aspects of Q culture. She then moved on to the four portraits of quality culture that have been developed by EQAVET.NL (also associated partner). Then she introduced the three Themes of the Toolkit in pilot version: Working on Quality Culture, Design your team plan and Various team plan models. Anabel Menica presented the value of a strong team plan, by introducing some real outcomes of the questionnaires from two different teams. The outcomes showed the need for professionalization on the topic of developing a team plan. She also explained the main outcomes that can be found in the pilot version of the Quality Guide and the tools of theme B and C. After that an Open Scape event took place. The workshop ended with a discussion during lunch. Persons from the following countries were involved in this valorization activities and took project products back to their own educational organisations: Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Romania, Norway, Estonia (2), Netherlands, Finland (2), Belgium, USA, Canada, Israel (3), Japan, Ecuador, Uganda, Brazil, Morocco, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan. Margrieta Kroese and Anabel Menica: “As facilitators we are looking back at a fruitful Multiplier Event, based on a program that kept being attractive due to the interaction and different activities. With an overall score of 8,2 on a scale of 1-10 we are very happy with the satisfaction of the participants and the fact that we were able to stimulate their learning (score 8,2) and that what participant learned in this workshop will improve their teaching and professional activities (score 8,4!)”. The QUAL4T2 project runs from 2016 – 2019 and is granted by the decentralized Erasmus+ programme. National workshops will also be organized in partners countries, when the final content is ready. Also one more international multiplier event will take place in a later project phase.


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