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October 2, 2017

International event in Spain

Spain, October 2017 - The first project Multiplier Event will be held in Spain. This special international event aims to take an international audience on an interactive travel along the first outcomes of the QUAL4T2 project, being the Quality guide for teams and the quality toolkit (both in the versions as pilotted in Denmark, Greece, Italy, Netherlands and Spain), together with the international research report. Therefor this is a dissemination event.

September 25, 2017

Newsletter 2 distributed to the stakeholders

Newsletter 2 is distributed to the stakeholders on 25 September 2017. Hereby the link of the newsletter:

August 31, 2017

QUAL4T2 present at ICERI conference

Zwolle (NL), August 2017 - Members of the Steering board will be present at the ICERI conference, to promote the pilot products of the QUAL4T2 project. This will be done with dissamination activities focussed on targetted participants such as poster sessions and presentations, that will be planed during the conference. Promotion material as flyers and articles will be used to inform the general audience. ICERI2017, the 10th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation will be held in Seville (Spain) on the 16th, 17th and 18th of November, 2017. ICERI is one of the largest international education conferences for professionals from the educational sector, lecturers and researchers. After 10 years, it has become a reference event where more than 700 experts from 80 countries will get together to present their projects and share their knowledge on teaching and learning methodologies and educational innovations. The 2017 edition of ICERI is sure to be among the most successful education conferences in Europe. ICERI is more than a conference. It is an ideal platform for international strategic networking, the best place to present your innovations and projects about education and technology.

August 23, 2017

Pilot phase started

Zwolle (NL), August 2017 - In the Netherlands the pilot phase of the QUAL4T2 project started with workshops on different Landstede locations. Teams involved in the pilot are from different professional sectors: social care, health care, security, sports, secretarial profession. The project partners should pilot with a minimum of 100 persons, this number is now quite increased through the enthusiasm of the Landstede teachers... Beforehand team members filled a questionnaire, that you will find as tool no. 1. The outcomes have been gathered in an overview to show the team where they stand in the process of quality culture. But also how they feel individually about the process of the team year plan development and the possession of the necessary knowledge to do write a good plan. This lead to open conversations between team members. When talking about a culture of quality improvement starts, teams have to make decisions and 'rules': on which topics do we focus this year? Teams also need to be realistic: what can we handle as a team? Which knowledge do we possess and when do we need a specialist? How many hours can we spend? How many aims can we work on? Which rules do we keep as a team? And, very important: which educational vision do we have and follow towards our students? Teams all got introduced to the QUAL4T2 Quality guide and toolkit. The toolkit contains tools around different main themes: Quality culture, tools for an effective team year plan, and different year plan models Interested? You can download and use the pilot version of guide and toolkit through our website:

July 12, 2017

Meeting on national level

Utrecht (NL), July 2017 - On July 12. Qual4T2 project coordinator Margrieta Kroese participated in a special meeting in which national decision makers and regional VET-organisations talked about the future continuing quality assurance in Vocational education and training (VET) in The Netherlands. In this meeting the Ministry of OCW was presented by mrs. Van den Boom. In behalf of the Inspectorate mr. Lankmeyer was participating. The national VET-counsil was represented by mr. Romme. Eight Dutch quality advisors were invited, representing 8 different VET-organisations: ROC Nijmegen, Koning Willem 1, ROC WestBrabant, ROC TOP, Aventus, ROC van Twente, Hoornbeeck and of course Landstede. The group discussed the Education report 2016, in which it seemed that the improvement in Quality within VET is not continuing in the way it was in 2015. The quality experts of the VET organisations gave their own views on this. Second topic was: How to further improve and change the quality culture in a school. As this is one of the main topics in the QUAL4T2-project, Margrieta Kroese informed the participants about the outcomes of the research phase, and the development of the quality guide and toolkit for teams. All representatives got the project brochure, and Mrs. Alie Kamphuis ( EQAVETNL) got a first print of the guide and tools. The meeting was an initiative of the Ministry of Education (OCW), and organised by the National reference point EQAVET, and will get a followup through a national publication.


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