Workshop at Erasmus+ Festival

Amersfoort (NL), 7 December 2017 – The QUAL4T2 project came in action at the festival to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus+ program. The Dutch Erasmus + national agency organized this festival that took place last Thursday.

QUAL4T2 coordinator Margrieta Kroese facilitated a workshop entitled:’ QUAL4T2 - We already have a team plan! So what?’ The workshop was visited by 20+ participants from Dutch education.
After the introduction and an overview of the workshop program, the coordinator presented the QUAL4T2 project by introducing the co-financing by the EC through the Erasmus+ program, the aims, the partners, the pilot products and the pilots that now take place in the different countries. She also referred to the project website and the possibility to download all the pilot products in Dutch.
Margrieta Kroese then started with showing the participants a number of slides with outcomes of the 0-questionnaire overviews, made for pilot teams. She explained how teams reacted during this reviewing / looking in ‘the mirror’, and explained that teams who are still in a starting phase should start with one small and reachable aim, even just to learn how to work together on a part of the team plan and work on their culture of quality improvement.
An example was given: develop a set of rules for students AND teachers that all team members commit to and take them in practice, evaluate and celebrate having reached the first aim!

The roadmap to an effective team plan
Then it was time to show a number of products developed within the project QUAL4T2, that is now piloted in the different partner countries. This time focus was only on theme B (although the products in theme A and theme C have been pointed out).
Special for this event an edition of theme B was printed in Dutch, one for all participants to work with and to take with them.
The theme starts with the Route map to a team plan, showing teams a real map with a step after step routing, that they can follow. A number of steps has also been further developed, these tools also were explained.

She also told that this roadmap is used by partners on A3-format, as this is easier to read and also can be put on the wall in a team office. During the discussion it was made clear that teams do realize that they need to work on their team culture of improvement when they are shown the situation on their team level. As part of the pilot process, the questionnaires were filled in individually and the results presented to the teams in the partner countries as a mirror of their present situation.
After this, participants could take a look at the material, and work through it and give feedback. The gathered feedback will also be taken into account when the project partners evaluate all pilot outcomes.

Enriching lives, opening minds for 30 years
During the Dutch festival successes were celebrated with about 400 participants: personal and professional development (craftsmanship, employability), the sense of European citizenship and increasing social participation. The program offered inspiring storytellers, interactive workshops and activities. The QUAL4T2 flyer with website info was also available for all visitors at the Erasmus+ information market.

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