The pilot phase

February 2018, Rome, IT – the Transnational partners meeting held in Piraeus gave the partners the chance to share their own experiences of piloting the Q-guide and Q-tools at “home” and learn from each other activities.
All teams involved in the different countries felt not to have simply received the tools of the project but, due to the facilitators who explained them how each tool works, they were able to immediately understand the real application in their own organization, hence they were able to “exploit” each tool at best.
Some key words emerged from all the piloting activities in the different countries. Have a look at them and at the ideas behind them:
Quality culture changes - participants showed positive attitude towards new visions and perspectives which eventually can lead to organizational changes. They grasped the importance of investing in training as any changes interfere with the professional development (for instance the ability to cope with difficulties &/or a more effective use of time)
Together – participants opened to fresh new perspective of team working: from I to We; teams and managers has been working together mixing bottom-up & top-down approaches and reinforced active listening and willingness of sharing responsibility
Ownership - being concrete, realistic and ready-to-use tools teachers/trainers felt the ownership of them as they themselves can directly manage them and integrating them in a lasting structure;
A stone into the water - members of pilot teams meet with other colleagues in the school/VTC thus boost the interest of other teams/organizations

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