Project update

February 2018, Zwolle (NL) - The QUAL4T2 project is well on track, in this second year. Four transnational work meetings took place, the first multiplier events, pilot versions of the products have been developed and can be found on the project website under QUAL4T2 > products. The consortium started with questionnaires, to find out what the state of the art in the pilot teams was. In the end the project aims to change this for the best…
Currently pilots are taking place in Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Denmark and Greece. Teams are working with the method for effective team plan development as described in the Quality guide. While pilot teams are developing the new team plan, they have a toolkit for their disposal, that assists them in their work on the plan. The pilot ends with a feedback round. The feedback will be used to improve the guide and toolkit, before a final version will be published on the website.
On the website of the Dutch Quality network EQAVET.NL, an has been published about Quality improvement in Dutch VET-schools. The article also refers to the QUAL4T2 project, as coordinator Margrieta Kroese has shared the outcomes so far of this quality project about effective team planning and a culture of quality improvement in teams. Many other activities took place to make the project and its products visible for vocational education in partners countries and in Europe in general.

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